Say Hello to Fabric 👨‍🌾
SPL Synthetics on Solana with multi-collateral support

🧵 What is Fabric?

In a nutshell, FABRIC is a synthetic asset issuance protocol built on Solana.
All synthetic assets are collateralized by FABRIC tokens (FAB) and other supported collateral tokens. These must be locked in the FABRIC pool to enable the issuance of synthetic assets, known as SPL Synthetics.
Users directly interact with the FABRIC pool, requiring no counterparties and avoiding common issues experienced on exchanges such as liquidity or slippage issues.
Once minted, users can trade these SPL Synthetics on the Serum DEX.

👻 Why is Fabric different?

FABRIC is different to other synthetic providers. We are working on implementing a number of innovative ideas.
  1. 1.
    Multi-collateral support (supporting major wrapped tokens)
  2. 2.
    Wide range of SPL Synthetics, starting with fXAU and fURA (expanding to other commodities, forex, index and inverse synthetics)
  3. 3.
    Powered by Solana. Extremely cheap fees and high transactions-per-second.

🤓 What can I do on Fabric?

Using FABRIC, you can
  • Deposit and stake your FAB tokens for fUSD
  • Deposit and stake your wrapped SPL tokens, such as wETH, wBTC, etc., for the equivalent fToken (such as fETH, fBTC, etc.)
  • Mint SPL Synthetic tokens such as fXAU or fURA using fUSD
  • Burn SPL Synthetic tokens
🥳 How do I get FAB?
You can get FAB by
  1. 1.
    buying FAB on Serum DEX
  2. 2.
    providing liquidity to the Raydium permissionless pool to earn FAB-USDC LP
  3. 3.
    staking FAB-USDC LP to earn FAB
  4. 4.
    stake FAB within the Synthetics protocol and earn FAB rewards
🏁 Getting started
1) Create your FAB account in your SPL wallet
2) Trade FAB on the Serum DEX or swap FAB using the Raydium pool
3) Read up on FABRIC protocol contracts
4) Stake FAB-USDC LP
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