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(The Cita)DAO

The governance of the Fabric ecosystem is coordinated through a DAO powered by Tribeca. The DAO is accessible here.
The DAO has ultimate control of the synthetics protocol and liquidity mining emissions. The DAO, for example, controls the:
  • Listing of new synthetics
  • Listing of new supported collaterals
  • Adjustment of the collateral ratio for specific collateral
  • Adjustment of the time period between liquidations
  • Management of program deployments
  • Management of the liquidity mining and partnership FAB token allocations
  • Configuration of the DAO's proposals (as detailed below)
  • Management of accrued fees from ZAP and the synthetics protocol
veFAB tokens are used to vote on proposals.

Learn more about veFAB

To learn more about veFAB, please see:

How do I vote on a proposal?

To learn how to vote on a proposal, please see:

How do I create a proposal?

To learn how to create a proposal, please see: