Synthetics Protocol
Start here to learn about Fabric's Synthetics protocol and how it works.


Fabric's core feature is a protocol for issuing and trading synthetic assets on Solana. A synthetic (or synth) is an SPL token that tracks an external asset with the supply controlled by the protocol.
For example, fUSD tracks the price of the US dollar (and unlike other synthetics assets is fixed at 1 within the protocol).
The protocol allows a user to:
  • โ€‹Stake FAB as collateral
  • โ€‹Mint fUSD, a synthetic US dollar, in proportion to the staked collateral
  • โ€‹Swap one synthetic to another synthetic
  • โ€‹Earn rewardsย in FAB for participating in the protocol
  • โ€‹Become a liquidatorโ€‹

How do I access the protocol?

You can access the protocol using our hosted dApp at the following URLs:

How is a synthetic valued?

Each synthetic is underpinned by an on-chain oracle. Within the protocol, each synthetic is valued at the price provided by the oracle. To learn more about oracles used within the protocol, please see: