How to create a governance proposal
The Fabric CitaDAO (or the CitaDAO of Punks? πŸ‘€)

Getting Started

If you're just getting started with governance, make sure to read:

Proposal details

Any veFAB holder can create a proposal for the Fabric DAO to consider.
  • Votes for quorum: 12,000,000 veFAB
  • Votes to activate a proposal: 1,000,000 veFAB
  • Voting period: 3 days
  • Voting delay: 1 day
  • Timelock delay: 1 day
You can view these parameters on the DAO also here.
  • Quorum: minimum amount of veFAB required to vote on a proposal for it to be considered valid. Neutral votes are counted in the quorum.
  • Voting Period: amount of time a proposal can be voted on.
  • Voting Delay: amount of time before a proposal draft can be voted on.
  • Timelock Delay: amount of time between when a proposal has been successfully voted for and when it is executed.

Creating a proposal

Any veFAB holder can create a proposal draft and submit it for a vote. To do so, navigate to the DAO and click on the green "+" icon next to the "All Proposals" text.
Create a proposal in the Fabric DAO powered by Tribeca
You will be taken to a page where you will need to add the following for the proposal:
  • Proposal title
  • A description (what will be displayed in Tribeca)
  • A link to the Forum post where this topic is discussed (not available to start with)
  • A memo (what will be stored on the blockchain)
Proposal fields
A proposal is required to be activated after 24 hours.