How to Zap (Swap to LP)
Zap is a 1-click swap to LP feature. Zap allows you to convert a single token to an LP token, entering you into the liquidity pool the LP token represents.
ZAP lets you swap a single token directly to an LP token:​
This is a two-step process:
1) Rebalancing - swapping the selected token to the required tokens for the LP;
2) Staking - providing liquidity for a selected LP.
ZAP can cause slippage so it's recommended to use small amounts only.
ZAP swaps the selected token to the required base and quote tokens for a specific liquidity pool and then stakes those tokens in the liquidity pool. ZAP is powered by Jupiter for swaps and currently supports Raydium and Orca liquidity pools only.
When providing liquidity you may be exposed to Impermanent loss. You can learn more about IL here.​

Connect your wallet

Connect to your wallet using the top-right Connect button or the Connect Wallet button below the swap panel.
Top-right Connect button
Connect Wallet button below swap panel

Select a token to swap

Once connected, select a token to swap. You will see a token list based on Raydium's official list of SPL tokens. If you do not see the token you want to swap, you can reach out to us on Discord to get it added.
Token to swap dropdown list
You can type a token symbol to filter the token list.
Seach token to swap dropdown list

Select a liquidity pool

Select a liquidity pool from the supported pools.
Currently, only Raydium LPs are supported. We will be expanding ZAP to support Saber and Orca pools in the coming weeks.

Click ZAP

Click the Zap button to convert your tokens. This will generate the required transactions.
Zap button when hovering over it

Wait for transactions to generate

It may take a few moments to generate the required transactions. There may be up to 7 transactions in total.
Notification when generating transactions

Sign transaction

You will be prompted to approve the first transaction. Sign the transaction.
Notification when waiting for transaction to be signed

Wait until the transaction is confirmed

Wait until the first transaction has been confirmed. It may take up to 30s to confirm the transaction.
If the transaction is not confirmed, it is assumed to have been dropped and you will be asked to resign the transaction.
Notification when confirming a transaction


Once confirmed, repeat signing and waiting for confirmation for the total number of transactions required.
Signing a second transaction
Once all transactions are confirmed, the ZAP is complete. You have successfully ZAP'd a single SPL token to an LP token.