How to farm FAB
Stake your LP tokens in Yield Pools to earn reward emissions.
We have built FABRIC Yield Pools allowing users to earn yield from reward emissions.
You must stake in the Raydium Permissionless Pool for LP tokens. These tokens can then be used in the Fabric Yield Pools.
Navigate to, click the 'Connect' button in the top right-hand corner, select your wallet and connect to the dApp.
Click the down arrow to open up the rewards panel. Click 'Add liquidity' and stake your FAB in the Raydium permissionless pool (If you already have FAB-USDC LP then skip this step).
Navigate back to and click the 'Stake' button. Click 'Create Account' and approve the transaction. Once the account has been created, the 'Create Account' button will now say 'Stake'.
Input the amount of LP tokens you wish to stake and click 'Stake' to stake your FAB LP tokens. Approve the transaction to stake your LP tokens.
To claim rewards, you can click the 'Claim' button or stake/unstake any amount. All due rewards will be automatically transferred to your wallet.
When providing liquidity you may be exposed to Impermanent loss. You can learn more about IL here.​
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